Your website represents your business in the digital domain. One of the most important factors contributing to making your business successful is the overall appeal of your website. An engaging website will most likely have higher conversions. For those of you whose businesses have not yet experienced significant success in the online space, chances are your company has a slow, dated, and unresponsive website. This gives out the impression among your visitors that your business may be lacking in other ways too. Therefore, it is about time you hire a website designer and get your website redesigned. No doubt you will have to shell out some money for it. It wouldn’t be an unwelcome experience if you see it as an investment.

Hire a website designer to revamp your website; Here’s why

The perception customers build after visiting your website plays the most crucial role in determining whether your business will succeed or not. As a matter of fact, in 2021, Google updated their ranking algorithm wherein ‘page experience’ was incorporated as a ranking signal. In 2021, Top Design Firms conducted a survey whose results corroborated what most of us already know. Here are three key takeaways from the results of that survey:-

  1. As many as 50 per cent of the consumers believed that the design of a website is crucial to a business’s brand.
  2. Around 42 per cent of the people surveyed revealed they would leave a website if it had poor functionality.
  3. About 31 per cent of the people prioritized engaging user experience for website designs.

The survey results point towards the need to rework your website and implement a website redesign - possibly the only way to reduce your bounce rate.

The expected cost involved in redesigning your website

It is next to impossible to put a price tag on the process of redesigning a website. It is because the cost of redesigning a website is impacted by various factors such as:-

  • How one chooses to redesign their website (i.e. do-it-yourself (DIY) way, hiring a freelancer, working with an agency, etc.)
  • How complex a website is
  • The custom features one would like to add to their website

A do-it-yourself website redesign would typically range between ₹ 3,800/- to 5,000/- but could cost more. Hiring a freelancer, on the other hand, could cost you from ₹ 8,000/- to ₹ 15,000/- approximately. The costliest option on the list is working with an agency, which could cost you anywhere between ₹ 20,000/- to 50,000/- or even more. Let us examine each of these options one by one.

  1. DIY - Doing it yourself has always been the most cost-effective option. As light as it might seem to be on your pocket, you are likely to encounter many pitfalls.

In case you do not have prior experience in website designing, it could prove to be a Herculean task for you. In case you lack coding knowledge, you will have a hard time creating custom features.

If you would still like to stick to DIY, consider using a template. Although it won’t give you a completely customized website, it will save you the headache of starting from scratch.

  1. Hiring a freelancer - Working with freelancers entails its own set of pros and cons.

On the brighter side, a freelancer will typically possess one specialization, which will likely make his work superb. Second, the prices of hiring a freelancer vary, which accords you the convenience of hiring one whose rate fits your target budget.

On the downside, however, a freelancer’s expertise will be limited. Secondly, freelancers are infamous for not meeting deadlines and for unexpectedly large turnaround times.

If you still choose to hire several freelancers, with each working on a specific aspect of your website, chances are that the result, or, the end product might not turn out to be as cohesive as it would be if one team created it.

  1. Working with an agency - Although costliest, it is always prudent to work with an agency, the foremost reason being that you get to avail of the expert services of a team of designers and developers that has most likely successfully produced other attractive, successful websites. This gives you a chance to capitalize on the years of rich experience possessed by seasoned experts working therein. Besides, you can avail of multiple services under a single roof, i.e., every aspect of your website is taken care of by the agency designers. Choosing to work with an agency, you won’t have to lift a finger, and, in all fairness, you can be confident that the team you’re hiring already knows how to work in tandem.

An agency is the best option to go with in case you have a large website, one that is complex. What’s more, website design agencies can create any custom features you would like to be incorporated into your website.

Get your dream website; Hire a website designer or reach out to an agency

Choosing to invest in the redesigning of your website shows your customers that you value their user experience. Once you resolutely decide to proceed with the overhauling of your existing website, you may choose to either hire a website designer working on a freelance basis or reach out to a renowned website design and development agency. To have a website designed with the best-in-class features that would ensure the success of your business, you may contact Alphonic, one of the most well-established and renowned web development services providers.